Wandering at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio

It was a gorgeous, spring day for the season opener of Picnic at the Presidio. I arrived around noon to discover that the Main Post Lawn was already brimming full of sunbathers and picnickers enjoying their delicious finds from the over twenty food trucks, carts, and tents lining both sides of the lawn.


I cleverly situated my blanket in close proximity to the food vendors, and perhaps more importantly the Bubble Bar. This was not my first time at one of Off the Grid’s events; I’d attended the equally charming Twilight at the Presidio last fall. So needless to say, I came prepared with reinforcements in the form of mimosas. I quickly filled up my ever discreet solo cup and ventured out in search of some tasty morsels.

Del PopoloThere were a plethora of mouth-watering choices to pick from, including: Cholita Linda (Peruvian), Nopalito (Mexican), Wise Sons Deli (Sandwiches), and the popular Del Popolo (Pizza) just to name a few. The options were almost limitless, so I decided on a crab roll from Fine and Rare (Seafood), which sounded amazing and also had one of the less intimidating lines. I also stopped by the Tout Sweet (Dessert) tent to purchase some particularly enticing macarons, before heading back to the comfort of my blanket.

OTG Picnic at the Presidio

Bocce BallIn addition to the food and drink vendors, there were also classic picnic games and activities available, such as: horseshoes, bocce ball, croquet, and kites for flying. You could also enter a cornhole tournament (my personal favorite), dance to old-school tunes spun by a DJ, or join a fitmob sponsored yoga class.

My Tips for Getting the Most Out of Picnic at the Presidio

Get there early!!!

Avoid the long vendor lines and get a primo spot by going right when it opens. In this case being fashionably late will ultimately be your detriment.

Go with a group.

I would say four or more people is optimal. That way you can tackle the lines in pairs… after all, misery loves company.

Take shifts.

Again, the vendor lines can be overwhelming. (Are you detecting a pattern here?) Especially when you’re hungrily waiting in the hot weather. Instead of missing quality time with your friends and chill time on your comfy blanket, make a game plan to divide and conquer.

Bring your own drinks and food.

I realize you must be thinking, “Why would I go to an Off the Grid event which offers amazing cocktails and food, just to take my own?!” Good point! However, I’m sure that it’s much more pleasurable to hang out with your friends when they aren’t exhibiting stage five “hangry” symptoms. Plus, the lines are much more bearable with a homemade cocktail in hand.

Bring shade and sunscreen!

I know how much San Franciscans love their sun, but there’s quite a difference between being sun-kissed and sun-baked. Plus, if you decide to bring the little ones and/or your furry friends then they’ll appreciate it as well.

Take public transportation.

Parking is pretty much non-existent around the Presidio, especially when there’s an event. I recommend either riding the bus, taking one of SF’s many on-demand ridesharing options, or biking it!

 Selfie at OTG Picnic at the Presidio

Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio’s season runs from Sunday, April 6th and continues through October 26th, from 11am to 4pm every Sunday. To find out more details, please visit Off the Grid.


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