Wandering through the Weekend

What’s rarer than June’s full “honey” moon landing on Friday, the 13th? Not much considering that the last one occurred in 1919. The only occurrence more peculiar is a San Franciscan not having any weekend plans. So if this is your predicament, then read on my little unicorn, and I’ll fix you right up.

Friday the 13th


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Wandering through the Weekend

You’ve got to love a four-day work week!

What's up FridayUh-oh! Still no plans for the weekend? Did the abbreviated work week catch you off guard? No need to fret… I have several San Francisco treats lined up for you!

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Wandering (and Giggling) down a Secret Slide

As a child, I loved playgrounds. What child doesn’t, right? However, as most children of the 80’s will remember, our playgrounds weren’t made of the colorful, cushy plastic and foam-like springboards that they are today. The play structures of my childhood were molded out of metal and wood. So in the warmer months, if you were smart, you always remembered to take a jacket to sit on while you were on the slide, or you would most likely burn your little buns off. You could also guarantee a splinter or two from climbing around on the wooden structures, or from running around in the wood chips that were supposed to help cushion your fall. Yes, the playgrounds of my childhood were basically the equivalent to the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel, they looked very inviting, but were essentially a nicely packaged deathtrap.

80's Playground

80’s deathtrap… err, playground

Today's Playground

Today’s oasis of fun

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Wandering through Memorial Day Weekend

We’re headed into a three-day weekend! Woo hoo!

What's up Friday?

What’s that? You didn’t make any weekend plans and all of your friends are headed out of town for Lightning in a Bottle and the California Roots Festival? No problem. I’ve got you covered!

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Wandering at Pier 39

One of the many things that I like to do on my day off is to play tourist in my own backyard, and I had the perfect excuse to do that last weekend when I had a friend visiting from out of-town. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we decided to take the F Market streetcar down to explore Fisherman’s Wharf, along with two other friends that we had invited to join us.

Photo Credit: Satoshi Kawase

Photo Credit: Satoshi Kawase

As we arrived at Pier 39 we were welcomed by “Crusty” the crab waving hello, a blues-type band playing, what I like to refer to as “baby-making” music, and the delicious aroma of waffle cones.  Continue reading

Wandering at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio

It was a gorgeous, spring day for the season opener of Picnic at the Presidio. I arrived around noon to discover that the Main Post Lawn was already brimming full of sunbathers and picnickers enjoying their delicious finds from the over twenty food trucks, carts, and tents lining both sides of the lawn.


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